Institution of Economic Development and Social Researches (İKSAD) is a young, creative content organisation centered in Turkey and has many operation brunches around the world. We are a great think-tank team contains academics from different disciplines and countries, writers, strategists, diplomats, artists and bureaucrat who specialize in social researches, economic development and social problem-solving.


We study the appropriateness of new national and international relationships, social and environmental performance, economic development, industry category, sustainability and reputation.

Since having well educated and experienced human resources, İKSAD operates many social researches and projects. Because of the nature of our activities, we have close relationships with universities, international organizations, civil societies, private sector, local authorities and other related institutions. In this frame we do;

Organising national and international congress, summits, commercial and scientific fairs. Check out our organization page for more information. Iksadfuarkongre.org
Searching new investment areas for businesmen, leading sectors for attempting international congress, summits, commercial and scientific fairs

Operating social researches and surveys in different countries.
Analysing social structers of societies
Designing economic or social development projects for public institutions

Publishing academic and scientific studies
Studying on many scientific areas
Beside those activities, especially in some underdeveloped countries we have some other free services too such as:

  • Providing scholarship to succesfull students
  • Helping clinics to increasing their health service quality
  • Education and trainig programmes for house wifes and disableds
  • Financal support to orphanages to increase their service qualities

  • Our mission is to improve the lives of all we touch through meaningful work and the power of social enterprise. Our vision is a world enriched by the effective allocation, equal sharing of resources, balanced income distirbution, informed public discourse about social equity and broad understanding of the importance of scientific activities’ roles over social problem’s solution.